See Meg Run

Personal Records:
5k: 20:56 (Run in the Name of Love 5k, 2014)
10k: 44:32 (Super Bowl 10k, 2014)
6 Mile: 42:39 (Wharf to Wharf, 2013)
1/2 Marathon Relay: 1:29:34, (my leg: 44:05) (Capitola Half Marathon Relay 2014)
Half Marathon: 1:39:38 (Santa Cruz Half Marathon, 2014)
Marathon: 3:33:49 (The San Francisco Marathon, 2014)

Race Recaps

Are you a running fool too?
I train and race with Santa Cruz Endurance
I am an Ambassador for The San Francisco Marathon.


6 thoughts on “See Meg Run

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  2. Just stumbled upon your blog from twitter — I was at the SC Half Marathon and She is Beautiful 10k this year as well! Small world — I’m a PhD in SC as well :)

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