Encyclopedia of Meg: F

F is for FOOD! And especially food with good friends. I love food, I love to cook and bake. And I love to eat food. I don’t eat meat (except fish) but that doesn’t mean that I eat less! (I wish I did, I’m kind of a pig!) Nope, I love to eat and no description of me would be accurate without including my love of food.

I especially love to go out to eat. I really do love to cook and bake, especially when we have friends or family to share it with, but nothing tops going to a tasty restaurant with a group of good friends. One of my favorite things to do is have a night out with friends at I Love Sushi (which is aptly named because 1. it serves sushi and 2. I do love sushi!!). And nothing beats having a good meal with good friends and a great glass of wine.




Therefore, here are some of my favorite restaurants (both around where I live now and where I grew up):

Breakfast Food/Coffee: Beach Break Cafe (best breakfast food, EVER), Walnut Cafe, Pannikins (you MUST also try their pie!), Vinaka’s, Kelly’s Bakery, and Mocha Marketplace (yes, I know that’s not its name anymore, but it will always be Mocha to me!)

Lunch: Alejandro’s, Taqueria Santa CruzFalafel, Charlie Hong Kong, Betty Burgers, In N Out (they have killer cheese sandwiches for us veggies), Pizza My Heart, Pho Saigon Express

Dinner: I Love Sushi (see above link), Love Boat Sushi, Burger, Saturn Cafe, Malabar, Blanca, Nobo

I know I’m forgetting some places, so what are your favorites?


Encyclopedia of Meg: C

C is for COFFEE! I love coffee. I mean really-truly-can’t-live-without-it love coffee. I start everyday with a cup and often have another during the day. As a grad student I feel that coffee is necessary for survival.

Many of you know I worked at Starbucks for a long, long time. But my love of coffee predates this. When I was in high school my mom used to get me hazelnut lattes (and later just flavored coffee for me). When I worked at Starbucks I learned to make all sorts of yummy and sinful treats. But then I went through a no-caffeine streak. Working 40 hours a week in a coffee shop allows the caffeine to enter the body through the skin (of this I’m convinced).

I returned to my love of coffee after graduating college and quitting Starbucks. Nothing makes a desk job more enjoyable than a steaming cup of coffee. I take that, nothing makes the job more enjoyable than the run-to-the-coffee-shop break.

Coffee still works as a treat for me, especially in lecture or seminar. I rarely attend a class without coffee. I’m more prudent now and most days brew my coffee to save a little cash. (We have an awesome Keurig brewer so it’s always a fresh cup for me. If you also have one, I highly recommend the Amazon subscription, you get coffee delivered monthly and receive a 15% savings. You also continue to brew your favorite local beans with the filter rather than the pods.) I pour that coffee into my travel mug and try to prepare myself for the input of entirely too

much information. However, once a wee

k my friend (and neighbor) and I make a Starbucks run before class. Every other week I splurge and indulge in a pumpkin scone (why are they so good?), but normally I stick to a soy latte.

Truth be told, I really just love a black cup of coffee. I don’t need sweetened creamer or flavoring. A hot cup of joe suits me just fine. It also helps me stay awake longer to cram in reading that extra book or grading that last stack of papers.

Oh grad school… you increase the profits of coffee purveyors everywhere.

**Update: I wanted to add this Sarah Vowell quote (one of my favorite writers & public radio personalities) to end this post: “I no longer drink nearly as much as I used to but, still, my motto is Sine coffea nihil sum. Without coffee, I’m nothing.” So true, Ms. Vowell, so true. **