Encyclopedia of Meg: F

F is for FOOD! And especially food with good friends. I love food, I love to cook and bake. And I love to eat food. I don’t eat meat (except fish) but that doesn’t mean that I eat less! (I wish I did, I’m kind of a pig!) Nope, I love to eat and no description of me would be accurate without including my love of food.

I especially love to go out to eat. I really do love to cook and bake, especially when we have friends or family to share it with, but nothing tops going to a tasty restaurant with a group of good friends. One of my favorite things to do is have a night out with friends at I Love Sushi (which is aptly named because 1. it serves sushi and 2. I do love sushi!!). And nothing beats having a good meal with good friends and a great glass of wine.




Therefore, here are some of my favorite restaurants (both around where I live now and where I grew up):

Breakfast Food/Coffee: Beach Break Cafe (best breakfast food, EVER), Walnut Cafe, Pannikins (you MUST also try their pie!), Vinaka’s, Kelly’s Bakery, and Mocha Marketplace (yes, I know that’s not its name anymore, but it will always be Mocha to me!)

Lunch: Alejandro’s, Taqueria Santa CruzFalafel, Charlie Hong Kong, Betty Burgers, In N Out (they have killer cheese sandwiches for us veggies), Pizza My Heart, Pho Saigon Express

Dinner: I Love Sushi (see above link), Love Boat Sushi, Burger, Saturn Cafe, Malabar, Blanca, Nobo

I know I’m forgetting some places, so what are your favorites?


Sometimes Dinner Just Isn't What Anyone Expects!

Last night was my first adventure into San Francisco since moving up here. A good friend of mine from high school recently got engaged and they decided to have an engagement dinner last night in the city. Kevin is also in town this weekend, so I was excited to spend time with him, go into the city (which is one of my favorites places in the world), and hang out with my old friend. First major lesson learned, even if accidentally, do not go on the night that the restaurant is featured on “Check, Please! Bay Area.” We attempted to eat a restaurant called Charanga, in the Mission, that apparently had been featured the same day.  My friend had made reservations but it took over an hour for us to be seated, and were there for almost four hours but never received our entrees. Oh well, the appetizers and sangria were good… and the Mexican food from the taqueria down the street was good too! All in all, it was a good night despite the long wait.

In regards to grad school, I still haven’t started classes. I have orientation on Tuesday, to which I’m looking forward. I’m hoping that I will like the people in my cohort and get to know some other graduate students. I have my first TA class on Thursday and am curious as to how that will go. My classes will start the following Monday and then the work really begins! And, oh yeah, on a non-grad school note but teaching note, I might be teaching about Jacksonian Democrats to my friend’s high school history classes on Friday. That should be a new challenge, but fun! I hope to post about all these things as they happen…. but we’ll see how time permits for blogging.

Downside of having Kevin in town… football on tv!