Sharing Blogs: Accomplishing Motherhood

I’ve decided that I need to share my favorite blogs here in a semi-regular fashion. I’ve listed nearly all of my favorite blogs in the column to the right, but just seeing their names isn’t nearly enough. I mean, why would you click on any link without having some idea of where it might lead you?

My first recommendation in this series is a newer blog, but one I’ve quickly fallen in love with. I found the blogger through my favorite running site, dailymile. The author always had such positive comments and sometimes even ran the same races that I ran. She had a link to an earlier blog that focused on her athletic interests (since incorporated into this blog recommendation), and then I found her on twitter and instagram (have an iPhone? download this app!). Through her I discovered the February Tights Challenge and am regularly inspired to break out my barely used sewing machine.

But she is also the author of one of my new favorite blogs and the focus of this post: Christina: Accomplishing Motherhood, Sewing, Fashion, & Fitness. (I should also point out that this blog has an awesome layout! Something I wish I had more time to incorporate into my blog). I love this blog because, like most of us, it has multiple interests. Christina shares her experiences as wife, mother, fashionista, seamstress, and athlete all in one place. Her writing is conversational and easy to follow. Her style is cute and (seemingly) effortless, her ideas make me want to dig into my closet.

But my favorite part of the blog and why I’ve decided to make it my first recommendation is her foray into sewing. I’ve always wanted to sew and have had two sewing machines, both of which haven’t seen much use. But Christina has also been learning, and creating (sometimes recreating) some great looks! I mean look at this dress transformed from a thrift store oddball. What?! I have to do that! And because I’m envious, I bought a how-to book from good ol’ Amazon.

Check out her blog (and she has some great links too!). And Christina, if you read this, thanks for entering the blogosphere!

February Tight Challenge

Hey blog friends! I signed up for this neat little challenge, the February Tights Challenge. I love it because I have a ton of tights, I love dresses and this challenges me to wear both more often. I’m not committed to wearing them everyday, because quite frankly some days are PJ days all day, right? But it’s a fun way to challenge me to dig deeper into my closet and avoid the nasty jeans (that I already sort of hate). Anyway, you always post photos to the Challenge’s flickr group. Check them out and join up if you want to put your wardrobe to the test (there’s a link on my sidebar).

PS… I’m trying out Gidget’s chocolate ice cream recipe today (and adding Girl Scout Thin Mints cookie crumbs to it, hope to write a post about that soon!)